Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family Fun Evening???

Sorry there will be no pictures with this post.  I needed to write and share our family fun evening experience before I forget.  We had the our High Priest group leader and a member of the stake presidency visit our home last week.  They asked how family home evening was and our kids piped up and said we don't do it anymore.  WHATEVER!!!  I explained that we have family home evening on Sundays and on Mondays we do a family fun evening cuz our kids complained they never get to do anything fun,  just taught the gospel.  We have been slackers and haven't been very faithful with the family fun evenings lately.  So hearing President Phelps express that we should be doing it, we decided we would play a mean game of kickball for family fun evening.  We almost didn't do it on account it was freezing outside.  But because of the begging of a little red head we strapped on the winter attire and headed out.  Mike and Ellie against Brook, Jase, and myself.  As we played, Mike was being his usual self in trying to be stupid and not serious about the game.Acting like Mr. Bean)  This bothered Ellie quite a bit.  For some reason she has that competitive spirit in her. (gets it from her dad.) She was bugged that her dad wasn't giving everything that he had.  Finally the tears began even to the point of her doing the sobbing cry.  She even mumbled loud enough (several times) for all to hear that her dad sucks:)  The first time Mike and I heard it we busted up laughing.  Finally I consulted with Mike and we made a trade.  By this time, Ashley who was home visiting came out and joined us.  So now it was Ellie, Ashley and myself against, Mike, Brook, and Jase.  The tears dried up and we had a good game going with Mike still being a goof.  This made Jase feel more determined to win and Brook felt she was doing everything. ( those were her words.) To make matters worse, it didn't help that Ellie kicked towards Jase. She fell to the ground and Jase missed her when he threw the ball at her.  This ticked him off.  So he grabs the ball and begins chasing her with much determination on his face.  He misses her again.  Ashley and I were laughing so hard because of his determination and frustration.  This just set off the boy even more.  Soon after we called it quits.  The kids went in and got ready for bed.  Boy was there plenty of contention in our home.  I said to Mike, "this is why we don't do family fun evening."  As Mike and I layed in bed last night and reflected on the great game of kickball.  I let him know that he gave it his all and that's all we can ask for, even if he did suck.  We laughed and laughed about our mighty kickball game that was to bring such joy and love to our family.  This morning Ellie felt a little better about life and her dad joked around with her saying, "Ellie I gave it my best."  She didn't buy his garbage for a minute.  At least she can laugh about it now.:D  Maybe next week we can play by ourselves in our own rooms and call it family fun evening.  At least there will be no contention.

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